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We are a team of happy people
who come together through our passion for yoga, music, art and spiritual practices to create a unique retreats all over the world. 

Waldemar J. Sirko who is a founder of SIRKO FITNESS got an idea to share his passion with individual groups over the weekends by organizing retreats. Waldemar is an International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) Certified Fitness Trainer and 500hrs certified yoga instructor. Waldemar is deeply trained in every aspect of fitness from muscle mechanics and flexibility to cardiovascular dynamics and nutrition. He has the training and experience to help his clients reach the goals of living a stronger, healthier, more confident life.

We have beautiful teachers from all over the world in our network, who are unique in their methods and the way of living their lives, sharing energy - we are all inspired by love, light, and a desire to help others. With us you will discover different practices - ranging from classical yoga to Art therapy.

SIRKO retreat is a community that brought together the most unique and important in the world of spirituality, sports and art. 

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