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About practices

Here you can learn more about the practices and methods that we use.

Our signature program is designed in such a way that we pull out all your blocks and trams

Dynamic Meditation (Osho)

The goal of Osho meditation is to fill the body with energy.

Since emotions and mind live in the physical body, it is necessary to start first with it. You can start subtle matters when the body is ready and open for practice.

Imagine a three-year-old child seriously considering picking up a sack of potatoes. He is not physically ready for such a load. Also, work with inner subtle planes is the next level of maturation. To begin with, let's take care of our own body, nourish it with strength and let it know that we remember about it.

Art meditation

This is the freedom of creativity and conversation with ourselves, we use our fingers, paint and sheets of paper to express all the clamps, fears, all the pain on paper, drawing as if you are getting rid of all the negativity that is inside you and after we draw everything that we want to bring beauty into our lives, thereby filling our mind and body with light, love and happiness.

Ecstatic dance 

Dance like nobody's watching

Ecstatic dance is called meditation in motion, because it is precisely such goals - gaining harmony and understanding of oneself - that these practices set for themselves. But here movement is a key tool for expressing emotions and detente. How to free yourself through dance? Dancer and philosopher Gabrielle Roth described 5 rhythms of ecstatic dance, following one after another. 

They can be "danced" during practice.

Flow (fluidity);

Staccato (discontinuity);




Dancing to this sequence of rhythms, a person experiences different emotions. The first, smooth, rhythm is associated with one's own fear, staccato rhythm - with anger, chaos - with sadness, lyrical - with joy, immobility - with compassion. This gives a sense of balance and harmony, missing emotions, helps relieve stress and accumulated tension.


Singing bowls

Singing bowls are a musical instrument in the form of a vessel for water. Mysterious Tibet is considered the birthplace of singing bowls, and the history of their origin goes back to ancient times. Paired with a stick that acts as a resonator, the bowl produces deep vibrating sounds at high frequencies, reminiscent of the ringing of bells. This sound helps to immerse yourself in a state of trance and more effectively conduct a meditation session, and also has a beneficial effect on our psychological and emotional state.


Meditation with singing bowls


Bowls are one of the methods of sound therapy. During practice, you pass through yourself the sound of high frequencies and vibrations from the bowls. Therefore, the effect is on several levels.


At the bodily level - pain reduction, improved blood flow, normalization of pressure and heart rate, improved concentration and functioning of internal organs.


At the psychological level - improving mood and sleep, relieving stress and anxiety.


And on a more subtle level - the harmonization of subtle bodies, the activation of the energy centers of the body and the opening of the chakras.

Sound Healing — Anahata Holistic Healing.png

Ashtanga yoga

"Ashtanga" in Sanskrit means "eight-step", that is, the system consists of 8 steps. The first four steps of this system are conditionally called the "yoga of the initial section", and they are intended to develop a person's ability to control his body and feelings. For an "ordinary person" who does not strive for samadhi - the highest goal, following the first 4 steps is sufficient and necessary for a harmonious life and understanding of oneself and the world around


Hatha yoga

This is a doctrine of psychophysical harmony achieved through physical means of influencing the body (diet, breathing, shatkarmas, asanas, bandhas, mudras), and mental means (meditation and concentration during asanas, pranayama).

Tarot and metaphorical cards

Reading the future and the past, finding answers to old questions with the help of cards

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