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Orange County, California

"Better than I imagined!"


The overall atmosphere was very welcoming and the days were set up very well for activities and rest. Being my first retreat they were very accommodating to my questions and guiding me along my journey. Take care very deeply about each and everyone that shows up. This was an absolutely beautiful experience.



Los Angeles, California 

"Amazing experience!"


This place is surrounded with trees and sound of birds. It was my first yoga experience and in just 3 days I could see improvement in my strength and flexibility. We had morning hatha yoga class which was dynamic and everyday we learned new breathing and stretching exercises. Evening class was a full sequence of Ashtanga yoga and I got better everyday. We had yoga philosophy discussions everyday and they were so eye opening, we all shared our opinions on various aspects of patanjali. I was impressed by the hospitality and home like feeling at their place. Homemade food was perfect and Waldy ensured we had tea throughout the day. 




"Best experience of my life"


This retreat was exactly what I needed in this point in my life. Waldemar, Yulia and Vlad were simply amazing. From the moment I got there to the moment I left I felt so welcomed and treated with so much kindness and empathy. This was my first retreat and I was really worried because I didn't know to expect. I felt broken inside and I could barely keep my tears from running on our opening ceremony. By our fourth day I felt like I found my strength and felt genuinely happy and excited for my life again. The yoga, the soundbaths, the food everything was simply amazing. I do not know how to thank you three for what you did for me. There are no words to explain the change that happened to me in this retreat but I want to say from the bottom of my heart thank you. Thank you for being who you are and for providing your amazing services to this world! Your talents are unique and the work you do is amazing.

Las Vegas, Nevada



New York, New York

“Pushed me but recognized my limits and was very knowledgeable and professional! “

He was amazing! He took his time with me. Pushed me but recognized my limits and was very knowledgeable and professional. He focused on my concerns but also I got a well rounded work out and a nice yoga cool down. He is also very nice and motivates you the entire time. When I would say I couldn't do something he told me I could (if he knew that I could. Some things I couldn't and he recognized that as well and we moved on and he encouraged me that we would work on it next time.) And I did it. He was right and I ended up doing what I said I couldn't do. He pushed me just enough but made me feel comfortable at the same time. Highly recommend!

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